About | Dan Lew – Entrepreneur


Dan; Australian born decided to create his own freedom by traveling and working independently online.

Dan has a passion for Science, History, Physics, Archeology research and travelling all along side continuing his eCommerce Businesses.

Countries visited: Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Israel, India, Bali, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, USA.

Countries on the bucket list: Cuba, Peru, Vietnam, Jamaica, Columbia, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, Iceland, Romania, Poland, Morocco.

After having a major car accident in Australia and crossroads in his life Dan packed up his bags and decided to move to UK in 2002.

By 2004 Dan left Australia to live in Thailand with just a few dollars in his pocket and an evolving Ebay business and by 2005 Dan was running around from business to business in the heart of Bangkok selling advertising and web packages to local Expat businesses until one day he found an angel investor which was one of his UK clients living in Bangkok, they later set up an office in Bangkok and the rest was history.

By 2009 Daniel had got involved with the software business and created solutions for online marketers coming up with ideas and adapting to certain markets which had a need and by 2009 he had 50,000 customers in different forms of software it was a tremendous breakthrough to his online career.

In 2014 Dan broke into the Virtual Assistant world and at one stage had 75 staff in the Philippines working for him all while living back in his home country Australia.

But in 2016 and after years and years of offering services in every B2B market, creating software solutions and creating a wealth of ecommerce businesses, Dan had to feed his Spiritual Journey while continuing his research in Philosophy, History, Life, Travel, Meditation and everything else inbetween so this is why DanLew.com exists, the website is a hobby to share some of these experiences and to fill that gap.

Dan is very passionate about inspiring others to his way of thinking and giving others a way to be your own boss and do anything you want in life.

Now at 38 years of age and 11 years with online business experience and 21 years in Entrepreneurship Daniel developed a system, a team a strategy and an unstoppable mindset to show others how to follow the same path and be totally self independent.

Dan says: “In order to succeed you must fail, the biggest entrepreneurs to date failed more times than they could count. With failure comes growth and it builds your character, it makes you thicker skinned allowing you to overcome the biggest challenges in life, persistency”

Dan says; “The main reason he set up danlew.com is to help those who have limited learning facilities around the globe and to give under privileged a chance to make something positive of their lives so they don’t turn to drugs or negative lifestyle.

For interviews you can contact Dan at the following page.