I honestly never thought making money on the internet was possible. In fact there were months when I stayed up for 18 hour days 7 days a week in the hopes that I would finally crack the code. I kept pushing myself as I desperately didn’t want to ever fall into the trap of asking someone for money cause I couldn’t pay the bills.

Infact having my beautiful wife made me even more determined to provide an amazing lifestyle for us both. Making money online gives me the freedom to do what I want when I want without having to go to work in an office. I wanted complete FREEDOM!

I was in a country that so happened to be alien and didn’t even realize how I got there but just knew it was right. From the moment I went on a holiday through Thailand before going to UK on a working visa to the UK and then the potential of buying and selling goods made me want to go back and do something different.

I was a car salesman in UK, even though I was comfortable with having a job I wasn’t feeling secure I needed an exit strategy and my visa was also running out.

I didn’t at the time want to go back to Australia as I had a major car accident and near death experience where I just felt like going back would remind me of the past.

So anyway I put myself to the test and after following one of my mentor’s advice at the time, his formula was very simple “Be Consistent and Don’t Give Up”…

But before I was able to really make the life changing experiences I had to go through the learning curves and building the foundations. I needed the paint before I could create the picture.

So in around 2004 after making the final decision of moving to Thailand and starting out my Ebay business along with my sheer determination it wasn’t long before I became a powerseller and business went well but was shortlived when competition became fierce and shipping goods were becoming a struggle.

After the market slowly died down, I was looking for another new trend so thought about moving onto building business directories and created a global site called Globe Search Pty Ltd, and we were doing ad placements and upgrading our clients to SEO services, I was growing so quickly I had to team up with a partner and set up an office in the heart of the city with 12 staff but in 2009 the global crisis hit so I had to go back to the drawing board.

Something extraordinary happened, I was frantically searching online and within 3 months found a new trend called Affiliate Marketing. It really opened up my eyes, since my specialty was traffic generation using unique SEO and blogging techniques getting my blogs to the top of Google.

So with this experience I quickly built 100’s of mini sites and started ranking them in Google. My first ever sale was when I ranked “ Promo Code” in Google, I was making 2k/month just from 1 blog post. This then opened up my mind to creating even more and more posts and creating more niche sites directed in coupon codes, review sites, bonus sites and more.

From there I was then getting into lead generation and converting leads into sales through email marketing, but it all started with getting the traffic with SEO which is dead easy to learn once you know the basics.

I thought if I could just rinse and repeat the opportunities would be endless.

So then instead of promoting products I thought what if I had my own products which others could promote so I decided to create my own products around 2010 and I had well over 12 products and 30,000 customers just in product creation and affiliate marketing. It was a true breakthrough.

But with product creation came alot of sucking up to affiliates and back scratching something I never enjoyed doing and deep down knew just wasn’t me and wanted to take a back seat instead of being out their fronting myself.

Later in 2013 onwards up until present I have continued to focus on servicing clients and now run my successful company Virtual Helper 247 LTD (Hong Kong Based) as the holding company for GSEO Pty Ltd (Australian company). This company is my complete focus now with more than 35 staff in the Philippines. For more info you can go here –