10 Years ago, Daniel Lew Australian born decided to leave to make a life for himself in the UK on a working visa after passing through Thailand with just $670 in his pocket after a failed Ebay business.

10 years later up until now who would of imagined Daniel now has 75 staff providing Virtual Assistant Services mainly in the Philippines with office in Hong Kong and Australia.

dan-lewDan had no clue what to do or how to survive in a country that back then had no next plans or steps until one day he bumped into his future Thai wife and decided to push through living there until he hit it big.

Months later Dan had been running around from business to business in the heart of Bangkok selling advertising and web packages to local Expat businesses until one day he found an angel investor which was one of his UK clients living in Bangkok, they later set up an office in Bangkok and the rest was history.

In 2012 Daniel had got involved with the software business and created solutions for online marketers coming up with ideas and adapting to certain markets which had a need, within 12 months he had 50,000 customers in different forms of software it was a tremendous breakthrough to his online career.

But after years and years of going through trial and error Dan had to keep tweaking and finding new markets to work in that gave him a sense of purpose and real direction the was happy with so recently in October 2014 he launched Virtual Helper 247 and decided to make this his flagship product.

Now at 37 years of age and 10 years with online business experience and 20 years in Entrepreneurship Daniel developed a system, a team a strategy and an unstoppable mindset to make this business the biggest business he has ever had to date.

Dan says: “In order to succeed you must fail, the biggest entrepreneurs to date failed more times than they could count. With failure comes growth and it builds your character, it makes you thicker skinned allowing you to overcome the biggest challenges in life, persistency”

Daniel Lew now plans to grow from 75 staff to 150 staff by the end of 2015 and to 300 staff by mid 2016.

But it’s not just about growing staff and providing customers a solution for struggling online businesses, Dan also wants to create a Charitable school program where they will be providing VA training to local communities in Philippines with the support of a Local Government chamber there.

Dan says;

“The main reason is to help those who have limited learning facilities in those rural areas and to get them in professions so they don’t turn to drugs or negative lifestyle. If this proves to be successful we will look at adopting this to other countries.”

Daniel Lew has been happily married for 10 years with a beautiful wife and son.

Daniel Lew is Author of Seven Figure Marketer available on Amazon and CEO of Virtual Helper 247